A Prickly Promotion

The Problem

So, Jake’s mad again. Sam was a few minutes late for work and Jake’s response is instant and angry.

It’s a familiar story and Jake has a warning on his file about it. He knows his stress causes issues and tried to talk to his line manager about it. He’s been on a stress management course but that just made him more stressed – when he got back to work there was a massive backlog after just two days away!

How Oak Growth helps

First and foremost, it is vital to understand the true nature of the problem. In our scenario, Jake was promoted to Head of Operations because he was such an excellent Stores Manager. Everyone liked him and he had great communication skills but he only had to manage the stores and one assistant, not the whole operations department.

Jake has great ideas to improve things, but he has no time and can’t see the bigger picture.

An Oak Growth Strategic Review would help Jake to understand what is happening in his department and with his team, giving him an overview of the whole situation. Strategic Reviews are a core part of Co-Performance as they help managers and staff see what causes problems and they generate a clear action plan to improve things.