Two guys

The Problem

Emma is a great manager and reads a lot to develop her own skills and bring new ways of working into her department. She has been looking at the benefits of a coaching approach to development and has started to work with individuals really effectively.

She wants to introduce peer coaching to the team but has met with real resistance. This isn’t the first time she has experienced difficulty with this. The idea is simple. Why don’t the team get on board with it?

How Oak Growth helps

Emma is enthusiastic and excited about her new approach, but is confused by her staff’s resistance. She needs to understand that her staff handle change in different ways. A slight alteration in her approach, providing more detail for her administration team, which is largely made up of detail-oriented staff, will give her a much better reaction, not just for peer coaching but for new ideas generally.

A combination of looking at leadership style, communication and culture would be perfect for Emma and her team. She would also be able to Skype, email or arrange a meeting with an Oak Consultant as she tries to implement change.