Change challenge

The Problem

There’s a business plan, a marketing strategy, a sales strategy, a financial strategy, an appraisal system, targets and key performance indicators for every staff member.

So why do the staff seem to have varying degrees of commitment? Why can’t we consistently recruit decent staff that get on with their work to a high standard? Why do people seem so negative with each other and have such a poor response to requests for ideas to make things better? How do we increase the performance of the company?

How Oak Growth helps

Co-Performance helps companies understand that what is going on inside the company is as important as what you are trying to create and manage on the outside.

Every stressful, negative interaction – each row and argument - costs time and limits the performance of staff. Younger employees want a greater level of engagement. They want to commit to their organisation’s goals and enhance their sense of well-being. Everyone needs to feel that they matter and that they belong in the workplace.

Co-performance helps companies align a business strategy with a people strategy that creates a culture of innovation, belonging, intentional interaction and purpose that enables the inside of an organisation to aid competitiveness on the outside.