Store Room Despondency

The Problem

Jenny has worked in stores since she was 17. She is quiet and organised and there is never a thing out of place; but Jenny feels increasingly frustrated and invisible. She really wants to be able to make more of a contribution and feel that her role has some significance.

She has tried to share sideas for improvement with the Stores Supervisor but his immovable philosophy is: ‘if it ain’t broke…’.

Recently, he is really disappointed that he has had to speak to her twice about arriving late for work. Perhaps she has reached the limit of her working potential…

How Oak Growth helps

Everyone has a unique leadership style, no matter how many courses you've been on and books you've read. Helping managers understand their style and how to use their strengths to improve performance and engage the staff that they work with is fundamental to Co-Performance. Profiling would assist this manager to feel confident about their style and understand the areas for growth. Jenny needs an opportunity to share her ideas and her frustrations, and it is likely that other staff do to.

The Co-Performance programme for this department would include workshops on employee engagement, communication and some leadership sessions.

These sessions help everyone to understand different behavioural, communication and decision making styles and how best to work with each one, resulting in effective communication.