Co-performance is a unique approach to management which will make your company more competitive. It is a rigorous, scientific method which will unleash a powerful human force within your organisation and encourage your staff to think independently, but ensure they work towards the same goal.

The Co-Performance approach says workers are not just responsible for their own performance. Co-Performance says that because workers interact with others all the time, they are therefore also responsible for the performance of their colleagues.

What is Co-Performance

Positive Choices

At work we affect each other through our behaviour, communication and working practices. This can be positive or negative. How we behave can either enhance - or more worryingly - inhibit our colleagues’ performance. So, while we may be working and interacting with others, we are not always co-performing. But workers can make positive choices about how they interact with each other.

This Co-Performance approach ignites innovative ideas and gives workers a sense of belonging. Co-Performance creates a positive focus which eliminates time-consuming stress and conflict and makes the workplace you have created a great place to be. Oak Growth is the only consultancy offering the Co-Performance approach.

Better performance for all staff

By explaining how everybody’s behaviour, communication and working practices affect the workplace,
Oak Growth will ensure better performance for all staff. Let Oak Growth build your people strategy.

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