We use the TTI Success Insights Acumen Report to deliver nearly all Co-Performance programmes.

The use of profiling data provides an objective understanding of an individual's skills and capacities, behaviours, communication style and motivators.

Understanding behaviours and communication also gives insight into how individuals tackle problems, projects, multiple tasks, data, analytical tasks and much more. Oak Growth has chosen the Acumen Report because it is easy to understand, yet delivers sophisticated results. It is easily implemented throughout any organisation, used in many countries and takes into account cultural and language differences. Studies have confirmed that no group is discriminated against when using the Acumen Report to aid recruitment.

The Acumen Report is used in Co-Performance programmes looking at recruitment, management change, conflict resolution, redeployment of staff, building effective project teams, increasing staff engagement and much more. It is a comprehensive behavioural analysis tool that can be used for any element of people strategy that involves communication, interaction and behaviour.

TTI Success Insights Profiling Assessment

Better performance for all staff

By explaining how everybody’s behaviour, communication and working practices affect the workplace,
Oak Growth will ensure better performance for all staff. Let Oak Growth build your people strategy.

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