You have a goal – a dream for your business - but you cannot get there alone. You need to take your staff with you. Your aims and ambitions may be clear to you, but do the people inside your organisation understand them? Can they put into practice the methods needed to realise those same aims and ambitions?

Oak Growth developed Co-Performance because we know how crucial it is that people work together.

Building a People Strategy

We understand the reality of the workplace

  • people are constantly affected by other people
  • people don’t leave a company, they leave the people in that company
  • in order to thrive at work, people need purpose, a sense of belonging and to feel they make a difference
  • stress is caused by poor communication with other people, not hard work

You need to be on top of the reality of the workplace.

While you strive for perfection, quality and high value for your customer, you may be ignoring the most crucial thing of all – the people inside your organisation.

And that's where Oak Growth comes in.

Strife and stress at work and the loss of productivity that follows are caused by poor recruitment practices, bad training and staff's limited understanding of the brand and company culture. And, of course, there are the inevitable personality clashes.

If you are struggling with under-motivated staff, stressed out workers, communication problems and high staff turnover, you need Co-Performance. You need Oak Growth.

Negative Interaction

Negative Interaction

Rows, arguments and conflicts affect productivity and people's ability to think clearly. Studies have shown that these negative interactions between staff can cost a minimum of 20 minutes, each and every time they happen. And the long-term effect can be devastating. The workplace becomes increasingly stressful. This inevitably leads to unhappy staff who fail to engage properly with their tasks. More days away from work follow and trained, capable employees leave. High staff turnover, a nightmare for every boss, means you can run as fast as you like, but your business stands still.

That's why we developed Co-Performance.

The Co-Performance programme gives purpose to work and creates a sense of workplace ownership. Co-Performance ensures that mindful and considered interaction, focussed training and staff development are part of the fabric of your business.

At Oak Growth, we work with you to make sure everyone in your organisation understands and can implement your plan for success.

We will develop a people strategy based on your unique approach to business.

We will help you implement a programme that balances your company goals with the strengths of your staff.

We will make sure your business strategy and your people strategy work in tandem.


Oak Growth will design a people strategy tailored for your organisation which will enable you to understand how each individual staff member:

  • communicates
  • makes decisions
  • solves problems
  • deals with change and new ideas
  • deals with data and analytical tasks
  • is motivated
  • handles their work load

We will organise training, workshops, one-to-one and team sessions which build on this knowledge to generate a culture of Co-Performance – a culture of thoughtful and effective communication, filled with innovation and free from stress and conflict.

This People Strategy and Co-Performance programme will measure the workplace day-to-day reality in a rigorous, data-led way. We will provide insights and suggest improvements which will impact immediately on your staff and their productivity.

Oak Growth and Co-Performance will enable those inside your organisation to make your business more competitive.

Better performance for all staff

By explaining how everybody’s behaviour, communication and working practices affect the workplace,
Oak Growth will ensure better performance for all staff. Let Oak Growth build your people strategy.

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