Oak Approach

At Oak Growth, we know people are the most important part of your business.

And we know how important it is they perform at their best – all the time.

Oak Growth was created to give you a deep insight into the way your staff interact. We draw on decades of academic and workplace research to help your workers take responsibility for their own, and each other’s, performance. To help them make decisions which benefit the whole team and behave in a way which has a positive effect on the whole team’s output.

We call this Co-Performance, a unique approach developed by Oak Growth over the past 14 years. It makes companies more productive and individuals more fulfilled and happier at work.

Using Co-Performance, Oak Growth will provide you with an objective understanding of your staff and how they work – both individually and together. We will create a strategy tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation and to the people you rely on to make it a success.

But we don’t stop there.

Once the strategy to empower your workers is underway, we will be there to make sure it is embedded into your business. And we will be available at short notice via Skype, telephone and email to support the changes taking your business into a more productive and profitable future.

Better performance for all staff

By explaining how everybody’s behaviour, communication and working practices affect the workplace,
Oak Growth will ensure better performance for all staff. Let Oak Growth build your people strategy.

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