A core principle of co-performance is to enable individuals to leverage their strengths to achieve the outcomes they are looking for. There has never been a more important time for this in leadership.

As leaders, you are constantly bombarded with books, articles, blogs and twitter feeds about how to be a better leader and the 21 skills that a 'good' leader needs.
The Co-performance model works slightly differently, so, rather than have a set of training modules to teach 'good' leadership, we work with you to look at the outcomes of your leadership. At times, this will result in the realisation that the approach you are currently taking isn't achieving the total effect you want. We then work with you to identify an opportunity for growth and a plan to move towards a new way of working, behaving, thinking or communicating.

There are some teaching tools that we use that can be helpful, for example understanding behaviours and motivators, particularly if a new leader requires a general idea of core skills and the difference between leadership and management; but other than that, the programme is as unique as you are.

In addition to working with leadership teams, we also coach individual leaders on specific issues they are facing, either with their own work or that of their teams. After personal sessions, we make ourselves readily available by phone, skype and text to help leaders have a sense of someone on their side who wants to help them.

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